CELPIP-General Sample Test - Speaking Test
Time remaining: 999 seconds
Speaking Test Instructions
  1. For this sample test, you should use a timer to make sure that you complete each task within the given time.
  2. In this sample test, no score will be provided for any of the Speaking tasks, and your answers will not be recorded. If you wish to record your own answers, record and save your responses using your computer microphone or your own recording device (cellphone, digital recorder, etc.).
  3. On the official test, if you do not finish a task in the time provided, the screen will move to the next task. You cannot go back to the previous task. However, in this sample test, in order to move forward in the test you must click on “NEXT.”
  4. Try to complete this practice Speaking Test in around 20 minutes. For more information on test format, click here.

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